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Welcome to Blue Sky Capital Strategies, LLC.      Click Here for Introduction Brochure

Blue Sky Capital Strategies, LLC specializes in creative structured financial solutions. We offer unique and customized financial advisory services enabling companies to raise capital, monetize assets and cash flows, improve working capital and/or enhance financial flexibility. Our unaffiliated and unbiased advice enables companies to balance the competing goals of securing the lowest cost of capital while maintaining long term financial flexibility.

Simply put: We can create liquidity where others can’t.

We have 20+ years of complementary financial and treasury experience ranging from deals profiled in leading financial journals to the arcane, underutilized and often overlooked, world of leasing. Our experience and our extensive network of bank and investor relationships enables our clients to unlock value and/or hidden assets in a tax-efficient manner. Our experience ranges across a broad credit spectrum; we understand there is no "one size fits all" solution to today’s complex financial requirements.

 Blue Sky Capital Lease Management Software

Comprehensive tracking of all financial and contractual obligations for ALL equipment financing contracts. 
Reduce Risk and administrative costs while gaining visibility, controls and compliance. 

  • Provides complete tracking for every capital equipment asset class
  • Extensive tracking of data for fleet vehicles, tractors and materials handling equipment
  • Tracks and reports in local currency for both U.S. and International leases
  • Tracks competitive bid process and quotes for each lease transaction
  • Tracks and reports on software licensing and maintenance contracts
  • Licensed as a fully hosted secure solution OR as an onsite installation
  • Provides document repository for all associated documentation
  • Provides asset level or schedule level detail
  • Nearly unlimited search and report capability

This system allows you to prepare for the upcoming changes to lease accounting by examining your entire lease portfolio for financial and contractual obligations that may impact the balance sheet and covenants in credit agreements. 

Do you have an inventory of ALL of your lease finance contracts?  Blue Sky has the experience and resources and  to help you to efficiently populate the lease management system.